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DO YOU have buildings or property in Acton secured by locked doors or a gate? You can PREVENT DAMAGE to your building or gate in the event of an emergency by participating in this program. The Knox lock box system can give the Fire Department emergency access while giving you peace of mind that your property is secure. The Acton Fire Department has invested in this system. Should you?

The Acton Fire Department participates in the Knox Company’s KNOX-BOX property access system. This unique system is a cooperative between property owners and the Acton Fire Department. The lock box system allows Fire Department personnel non-desructive access to buildings, gated and secure areas in the event of an emergency.


Acton has a unique key that only works in Knox boxes and locks in town. Acton has an appointed official who is responsible for key security and approving all lock box and padlock installations in town. A property owner who wishes to join the system arranges with the Knox Company and the local authority (the Fire Chief) to get a lock box or padlock, and the order is placed with the Knox Company.

The Knox Box shown to the right is a typical building type box. The boxes are constrcuted of a material that cannot be easily drilled or cut.
Knox Key Box
Knox Padlock When the new lock or lockbox arrives, the property owner installs it on his/her building or other location to be protected. If a lock box is being installed, the location where the lockbox is to be installed should be discussed between the property owner and Fire Chief, and will be a easilly accessible location on the outside of the building. The property owner then prepares a master set of keys to the building(s) to be placed in the box. When the owner is ready, the Fire Chief coordinates with the property owner to have a fire department member come and secure the buiding keys inside the lockbox.

The fire department can then access the lock box, and, in turn the master keys to the building in the event of an emergency. This prevents damage done by using forcible entry to get into a building.


The Acton Fire Department uses the Knox Company’s SENTRALOK key locker in the town’s fire trucks to secure and access the Knox master key. The key cannot be removed from the locker without the proper access code being sent from our dispatch center. If a key is needed, a firefighter requests the release code be sent. The request is made over the dispatch radio channel, thus logging the time the request was made and who made it. The release signal is then sent over the radio, and the firefighter has a few seconds to remove the key from the key locker.

Once the key has been removed, it can be used to open the lock box on the property where the emergency is. As long as the key remains out of the lock box, a signal is sent over the radio every time the fire truck’s radio is used reminding the firefighters to put the key back in the locker.

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